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About Us

The Christian Scroll is a donor-funded weekly newspaper that is published internationally in three different languages.

It was founded in November 2017 by the Mount Sinai Media Group, which encompass a small network of Christian newspaper professionals and writers who felt that most Churches and Church leaders were not being offered the space needed within the mainstream media to disseminate the Word.
As such, the publication’s founders launched a cross-appeal newsprint to the public that offered both generic and Christian aligned news content, thus allowing the Church to reach a wider volume of non-believers that can be saved.

While the publication was initially focused on print distribution, it recently decided to deploy its content on to the internet, a step that has since seen a more than 500% increase in its readership numbers.

With a steady daily increase in reader numbers, the publication will continue to channel the Word of God and the work of the Church, in addition to various global challenges and issues into the public domain.

In essence, its primary focus is to make a significant inroad into the communities of both believers and non-believers, so that the work of the Church can be more effective and stealth standing.