An Aeroméxico plane with 99 passengers and 4 crew members, crashed shortly after takeoff on Tuesday.
A footage captured by a man, Ramin Parsa, who was in the cabin at the time, revealed that the aircraft took off before descending to a crash a few moments later.

Parsa’s video also showed the weather becoming more menace with heavy rain followed by hail.

In the background, desperate cries to Jesus were heard coming from passengers, as the plane impacted the ground.

In one of his statements, Parsa told the media “People are screaming and I was praying to Jesus, in the name of Jesus. And Jesus saved our lives. Jesus is alive. He saved me from a plane crash. Forever I’m grateful to him.”

It was not just Parsa’s life that was saved. All of the passengers on board survived, even though aviation experts have explained that a crash of that magnitude should have resulted in several fatalities.

Parsa who is also an author, speaker and evangelist, described himself as a former Muslim, whose life the Lord Jesus Christ has changed. “I serve Christ to make his love known”, he said.

Flight 2431, which was heading from Durango- Mexico to Mexico city, engulfed in flames, several minutes before it reached its destination.
In spite of evidential cries to Jesus and Parsa’s claim, an Illinois priest, Father Esequiel Sanchez of Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe church in Des Plaines Ill, had scientifical judgements.

Mr. Sanchez was celebrating his birthday with friends aboard the plane. He stated that “If the plane was travelling a little faster before it hit the embankment or flew a little higher, I don’t think we would have walked out.”
However, he suffered multiple arm fractures and is now on rest.

Another passenger, Alberto Herrera, told the media “The cabin just started filling with black smoke. At that point, what we wanted to do is you wanted to find the nearest exit.”