Weeks after stopping a number of Churches from running schools and daycares in China’s central Henan Province, and seizing thousands of Bibles and Biblical Literature, Chinese authorities demolish several churches as the country continues its crackdown on Christian teachings.

Several news outlets reported that Chinese authorities are offering rewards to people who can provide information on any church gatherings, the celebration of masses and any other religious gathering aim at the continued promotion of Christianity in Henan Province.

There are also reports that police vehicles and other security officers have been posted outside the entrance of several churches and are preventing particularly women and children from entering.

Authorities have also been making door to door visits to warn people that believing in religion is prohibited by law.

Parents were also warned that they can lose their jobs or face other penalties if they are found in possession of Bibles and other religious paraphernalia on their person or within their homes.

China began a major crackdown on churches around 2009 and has labeled a number of them as religious cult operations.

While the current crackdown is currently restricted to certain provinces, many believe it is a trial exercise aimed at a planned wider crackdown on churches throughout China.