Pakistani Catholic mother, Asia Bibi, was released from prison where she was held under the charges of blasphemy, and moved to Islamabad late Wednesday as her family seek asylum due to the riots and death threats following her acquittal of the said charges.

Reports say that the mother of five had spent eight years on death row in Pakistan on blasphemy charges after she was accused of making disparaging remarks about the Islamic prophet Muhammad. The woman remained in prison a week after she Pakistan’s Supreme Court acquitted her charges Oct. 31, which sparked protests by Islamic hardliners who called for her to be hanged.

However, her life is in just as much danger now as when she faced the death penalty because of her Christian faith.

Since her acquittal on October 31, Islamic leaders within the country have loudly rejected the Court’s ruling by wracking the country with enormous and angry protests against Bibi’s release

Upon seeing that these protests heed no results, there has also been calls for her to be assassinated, as well as her family and the three judges who ruled in her favor.

In response to death threats, her lawyer fled Pakistan and is seeking asylum in the Netherlands, while she is being kept in protective custody by the Pakistani government.

However, the government has said that they will not stand in the way of Islamic hardliners who are seeking a review of her case.

Nevertheless, there are surfacing reports about Islamic hardliners going house to house hunting her and her family down to kill them.

Bibi’s husband, Ashiq Masih, has appealed to several Western countries for asylum to their family.

Masih added that although his family has already lived through an unimaginable experience, they had not anticipated that things would get so bad that they would need to go into hiding.