The Christian community which relies on several religiously aligned dating sites such as Christian Mingle has welcomed the deployment of multi-device App that would help many Christians to weed out fake profiles which target Christian singles.

The App, which is called Safeteria, a tech abbreviation for a safe cafeteria, has recently concluded preliminary testing on a handful of social networks including Facebook and some dating sites aligned to the Christian Faith, and was able to successfully identify profiles that were most likely fake.

Many in the Christian community have since welcomed the App, since it will help them to identify those persons who abuse many of the Christian dating websites to target especially female members who would often become victims to the fallacy of fake profiles.

With a March 1st official launch date already announced, the Safeteria App is expected to become a crucial tool for millions of social media users.

And though it was developed by a South African tech company, it is understood that the App will first become available to users in the United States and Europe by February 25th.