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What is The Scroll

The Christian Scroll is a religiously-aligned start-up weekly newspaper that is published internationally in three different languages.

Largely donor-funded, our publication is still young, but aims to reach a monthly circulation of around 800,000 print copies, and around 5 million online readers per month, by the end of 2018.

We focuses on articles that deals with life situations, social issues, captivating news events that are relevant to the Church and Christianity across various denominations, developmental matters within the Church, Church leaders, and content that is relevant to the interest and development of the Christian faith as a whole, but which must be geared towards a wider audience.

While most of our content is aimed to be featured in the printed edition, we intend to publish at least 20% of our weekly collections of stories, online at: www.christianscroll.org

But in order to satisfy our required quota and diversification of news content, we have decided to recruit contributing writers (from various countries across the world), who may have a knack for providing news content from the Christian community and churches within their respective countries.

Therefore, if you are an individual that is committed to the Christian faith, and is open to writing various types of articles that are relevant to our readership, we would love to hear from you.

Advantages of writing for us

First of all, having your views, articles, or pieces being featured in the most widely circulated faith-based newspaper in the world, provides you with an audience advantage that is second to none, while helping you to build your reputation as a Church leader or as an authority regarding certain elements of the faith.

When you write for the Christian Scroll, your articles, messages, and profile is seen by thousands of print and electronic readers from all over the world.

In essence, you will have an opportunity to build an audience and gain a following from among the millions of Christians across the globe, while giving your Ministry or Church the opportunity to be heard.

And to top it off, you will be paid (by us) for your published messages, sermons, and news pieces.

What we pay

Payments are done every two months, and are calculated at a mutually agreed rate per article.

The amounts are negotiated directly with each writer, whose compensation can be varied depending on the classes of articles that they intend to submit etc.

A contractual agreement (with a mutually agreed flat price per article) is usually entered into before an approved contributor can start submitting articles for publication.

In other instances, if a Contributor decides to submit articles without charge (for free), they usually do not have to enter into a contract, since each submission will be considered based upon our editorial guidelines, and general terms and conditions.
This is often the best way to start, if you are an emerging writer or is a Church leader that is looking to build your reputation and following.

How to apply

To become a contributor, please send an email containing details about yourself, and the types of topics you want to write about to: editor@christianscroll.org

In the subject line, please state either “Paid writer application”, or “Unpaid Contributor application”, since each application category is considered by two separate editors.

What happens after

After processing your application, an Editor would either reject your application, or request a sample article from you for consideration, and based upon a topic that was provided by the Editor.

Once, the Editor is satisfied with your article writing quality, he will discuss an agreed sum per article with you, after which a contract will be provided for digital signing.

Thereafter, you will be able to start submitting articles (of your own choosing) for editorial review and publishing.

Hope to hear from you soon.